Obtain the AccessKey pair

To call an API operation, you must obtain an AccessKey pair to sign the input parameters. For more information, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.

Obtain the region ID

Obtain the ID of the region that corresponds to the zone where the job is executed. For the region ID of each zone, see Regions and zones.

Request syntax

The request syntax is as follows:
&<Common parameters>
&<Operation-specific parameters>
  • All API operations can be called by using the GET method.
  • Region ID is required.
  • Common parameters are used for all DLA API calls regardless of the operation. For more information, see Common parameters.
  • Operation-specific parameters are specific to each API operation. For more information about these parameters, see the parameter description of each API operation.
The following example demonstrates how to call an API operation to obtain the status of a Spark job.