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Data Lake Analytics - Deprecated:[Notice] End of sale for DLA

Last Updated:Aug 24, 2023

Alibaba Cloud plans to announce the end of sale for Data Lake Analytics (DLA). The lake analytics feature provided by DLA will be integrated into AnalyticDB for MySQL.

End-of-sale service


End-of-sale plan

  • From June 1, 2023, DLA can no longer be purchased or activated.

  • From December 1, 2023, DLA can no longer be upgraded or renewed.

  • From January 1, 2024, DLA will be discontinued in different regions.

End-of-sale impact

After DLA is discontinued, the services that are deployed on DLA become unavailable.


If you are using DLA, pay attention to the end-of-sale plan and migrate services from DLA to an AnalyticDB for MySQL Data Lakehouse Edition cluster at the earliest opportunity.

AnalyticDB for MySQL Data Lakehouse Edition provides offline and online analytics services based on data lakehouses. It offers the advantages of low costs, high performance, wide use in a variety of scenarios, and excellent experience.

If you have any questions or migration requirements, you can contact the DingTalk account dsy-9bf48zduh.