This topic describes how to use DLA Ganos to query and compute raster data in Lindorm (HBase Enhanced Edition) based on GeoTrellis.

GeoTrellis is a geographic data processing engine that is developed based on Spark. GeoTrellis can read, write, and manage raster data at a fast speed. It also supports a large number of geometric operations. For more information about GeoTrellis, see

Read raster data

  1. Initialize a Spark session.
     val spark: SparkSession = {
        val session = SparkSession.builder
     // Load the Raster driver of DLA Ganos.
  2. Use the GeoTrellis catalog to load the catalog table.
    val inputUri = "hbase://ID of the hb-proxy-pub-hbase master=localhost&attributes=GF1C"
    The catalog table contains the IDs of layers and metadata, and supports spatio-temporal queries.
    val layer = cat.where($"" === "2").select(raster_layer).collect
    • You can obtain layer IDs and load data by using the catalog table.
       val lots = union _)
    • You can also call the loadLayers interface to load multiple layers at the same time.
      val df =

Generate raster data

You can write the DataFrame model to the Lindorm table.
lazy val layer = Layer(scratchDir.toUri, LayerId("test-layer", 4))