The network domains of Database Autonomy Service (DAS) are used to identify the third-party networks that are connected to DAS by using DBGateway.


  • If DBGateway is deployed in centralized mode, you must select a network domain to identify the network environment of the instance that has DBGateway deployed.
  • If DBGateway is deployed in centralized mode in the same network domain, DBGateway can be used for load balancing and disaster recovery purposes.
  • If you use the same network domain for two isolated networks, DBGateway that is deployed in a network accesses the database instances that reside in the other network. This results in instance connection failures.

Application scenarios

In most cases, if the databases that run in your on-premises data centers use DBGateway to connect to DAS over the Internet, DAS automatically generates a default network domain. If you use Centralized DBGateway, create a network domain in the following scenarios:

  • A newly connected on-premises database cannot communicate with an existing database that is connected to DAS.
  • You need to divide regions based on factors such as cities.