This topic describes the features of sandboxed-container-helper and lists the latest changes to sandboxed-container-helper.


sandboxed-container-helper performs health checks and O&M operations on sandboxed containers. sandboxed-container-helper provides the following features:
  • Provides the Prometheus exporter to collect information about the disk space allocated by Device Mapper. You can deploy ack-arms-prometheus in Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) clusters to monitor the disk space allocated by Device Mapper and configure alerts. For more information, see Enable ARMS Prometheus.
  • Checks and reports unusual events to kube-apiserver, such as storage leaks, container data leaks, and orphaned pods. You can deploy ack-node-problem-detector in ACK clusters to collect and monitor these events. For more information, see Event monitoring.

Usage notes

By default, sandboxed-container-helper is installed in ACK clusters. You can use the component without extra configurations.

Release notes

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.0.0-7a70086-aliyun 2020-05-12 New features:
  • Unusual events, such as container data leaks and orphaned pods, are reported to kube-apiserver.
  • The monitoring of the disk space allocated by Device Mapper is provided.
  • Scripts are provided to fix system issues.
No impact on workloads