Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) clusters are classified into standard ASK clusters and professional ASK clusters. The two types of ASK clusters have different billable items and billing rules. This topic describes the billing rules of standard ASK clusters and professional ASK clusters.

Billing of standard ASK clusters

Billing of professional ASK clusters

  • Compared with standard ASK clusters, professional ASK clusters charge you an extra fee for cluster management.
    Billing method Price
    Pay-as-you-go ASK Pro clusters are in public preview and you can use ASK Pro clusters free of charge.
  • When you use ASK clusters, you are charged for pods instead of nodes. The fees of pods are calculated based on the pricing of Elastic Container Instance. For more information, see Elastic Container Instance billing overview.
  • You are also charged for other services used in the clusters, such as SLB and Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone. For more information about the pricing, see the following references: