This topic describes the terms of Docker container images to help you better use Container Registry.


  • Docker registry

    Before you pull your private image from a registry, you must log on to the registry. After you modify the image, you can push it back to the registry. Alternatively, you can build an on-premises Docker image and push it to the registry.

  • Docker image URL

    The following sample URL is the URL of a public image of Container Service:

    • the domain name of the registry.
    • acs: the name of your namespace.
    • agent: the name of your repository.
    • 0.8: the tag of the image. This field is optional. Default value: latest.

    The preceding fields can be combined to form the following terms:

    • the location of the repository.
    • acs/agent: the full name of the repository, which is used to call API operations.