This topic describes the workflow and scenarios of the log monitoring feature of CloudMonitor. This topic also describes a solution that integrates CloudMonitor and Log Service.

Important The log monitoring feature will no longer be available from September 14, 2024. We recommend that you use the Log Service log monitoring feature in Hybrid Cloud Monitoring.


In enterprise-level business O&M, logs play an increasingly significant role. However, local storage of business logs makes it difficult to extract more value from business data. Enterprises are pressing for solutions to store business logs to central servers and covert the logs to metrics that help them make decisions in business O&M.

The log monitoring feature of CloudMonitor allows you to analyze log data in real time, visualize monitoring data in charts, and use the alert service. To address challenges in business monitoring and O&M, you only need to activate Log Service to collect on-premises logs and authorize CloudMonitor to access the logs. You can also integrate the log monitoring feature with the other features of CloudMonitor to help you monitor your business.


Alibaba Cloud provides a lightweight, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution that integrates CloudMonitor and Log Service.

  • Compared with traditional Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) solutions, the solution provides an integrated monitoring system. You do not need to write code.
  • You can analyze log data in real time, visualize monitoring data in charts, and configure alert rules for your log data.
  • CloudMonitor provides a reliable and stable log monitoring service.
  • The software as a service (SaaS) platform provides enterprise-level capabilities for real-time log monitoring at minimal cost in terms of time, labor, and O&M.


  1. Use Log Service to collect logs.
  2. Grant CloudMonitor the permissions to read data from Log Service and query logs.
  3. Use the log monitoring feature to create custom metrics and specify methods to process log data.
  4. Configure alert rules for metrics.