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CloudMonitor:Billing of the resource usage report feature

Last Updated:Mar 28, 2024

Before you can use Hybrid Cloud Monitoring, you must activate the service. You are charged for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring by using the pay-as-you-go billing method. You are not charged for activating Hybrid Cloud Monitoring. You are charged based on the actual resource usage. Hybrid Cloud Monitoring provides the following features: dashboard, resource usage report, high precision monitoring, and cloud monitoring exporter.

The following table describes the billing of the resource usage report feature.




View the usage of existing resources at a specific phase or at a regular basis, properly allocate resources, and optimize costs.

Billing cycle

Bills are generated on a daily basis.

You are charged only for the reports that are generated by using the resource usage report feature. If no reports are generated within a day, the amount of the daily bill is USD 0.

Billing formula

Fee for the resource usage report feature = Number of instances whose metric data is collected × Statistical period of a report × Unit price of a report


For more information, see Billing rules for resource usage report.

Billing example

For example, you want to collect reports that are generated from April 19, 2023 to April 25, 2023. During this period, you can collect the metric data of 100 instances per day. In this case, the fee is calculated by using the following formula:

Fee = 100 instances × 7 days × USD 0.0324 per day per instance = USD 22.68


The prices in this topic are provided for reference only. The actual prices on the buy page prevail.