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Last Updated:Feb 23, 2024

CloudMonitor is an achievement of Alibaba Group after multiple years of research on server monitoring technologies. CloudMonitor is integrated with the strong data analysis capabilities of Alibaba Cloud. It provides cloud service monitoring, site monitoring, and custom monitoring to safeguard your cloud services.


You can use CloudMonitor immediately after you create an Alibaba Cloud account, without the need to activate CloudMonitor. The CloudMonitor console allows you to view the metric charts of your Alibaba Cloud services and configure alert rules for the metrics. This way, you can identify and fix problems at the earliest opportunity. The easy-to-use CloudMonitor console does not require additional code development.

One-stop monitoring

CloudMonitor provides monitoring capabilities for Alibaba Cloud services, hosts, site network availability, custom objects, and Kubernetes clusters.

Improved O&M efficiency

CloudMonitor uses application groups to centrally manage resources across cloud services and regions, and provides alert templates for alert rules. This improves efficiency in O&M and monitoring.

Flexible alerting

The alert service of CloudMonitor sends alert notifications by email, or pushes alert notifications to the specified webhook URL or queue, Function Compute, or Simple Log Service. In this case, you can centrally manage alerts in an O&M system.

Unified monitoring experience and various monitoring metrics

By default, CloudMonitor provides metrics and alert events for hundreds of commonly used cloud services. You can use CloudMonitor to query the monitoring data and system events of these cloud services, and configure alerting for the services.

Complete API operations and SDKs

CloudMonitor provides a wide variety of API operations and SDKs for multiple languages to help you integrate monitoring data and alerts into the O&M platform.

Data visualization

CloudMonitor dashboards provide a rich array of charts. CloudMonitor supports full-screen display of dashboards and automatic refreshing of monitoring data. This meets the need of monitoring data visualization in various scenarios.

Monitoring data processing

CloudMonitor allows you to use dashboards to aggregate monitoring data by time or space.