Before you use Cloud Shell, take note of the following limits.

Item Description
Number of VMs Only one virtual machine (VM) can be created at a time regardless of the number of Cloud Shell sessions that are opened. All opened Cloud Shell sessions are automatically connected to the VM.
Number of sessions Up to five sessions can be opened at a time.
Destruction of VMs If no interactive operation is performed for 30 minutes or all sessions are closed, the VM is destroyed in 15 minutes. When you restart Cloud Shell, a new VM is created.
Destruction on expiration A VM that is created by Cloud Shell is valid for only 1 hour. After the VM expires, Cloud Shell immediately destroys the VM. When you restart Cloud Shell, a new VM is created.
File storage Cloud Shell provides 10 GB of temporary storage. You can store your files in the /home/shell directory. However, the directory is reset when the VM is destroyed. You can attach the Cloud Shell instance to Apsara File Storage NAS for permanent storage. Then, your files are automatically loaded each time Cloud Shell is started.
Prohibition Long-term use or computing and intensive malicious processes are not supported. In these cases, a session may be terminated or even prohibited without warning.