Cloud Config continuously and automatically evaluates the compliance of your resources in the cloud. You can specify an Alibaba Cloud service to receive the resource-related events at regular intervals. This allows you to monitor resource changes and perform operations on resources.


Cloud Config offers a free-of-charge delivery service of resource-related events. However, you are charged by the Alibaba Cloud services that receive these events. The following list provides the topics that describe the pricing of the related Alibaba Cloud services:
  • For more information about the pricing of Log Service, see Billable items.
  • For more information about the pricing of Object Storage Service (OSS), see Overview.
  • For more information about the pricing of Message Service (MNS), see Pricing.


The delivery service is applicable to the following scenarios:
  • Query and analyze data of your resources.

    You can specify a Log Service Logstore to which you want to deliver scheduled resource snapshots, resource change logs, and resource non-compliance events.

  • View and download data in the JSON format.

    You can specify an OSS bucket to which you want to deliver the scheduled snapshots and configuration change logs of resources.

  • Send event notifications.

    You can specify an MNS topic to which notifications of resource change events and resource non-compliance events are sent.


You can create up to five deliveries by using an ordinary account, management account, or delegated administrator account.