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Cloud Backup:Get started with VMware VM migration

Last Updated:Sep 22, 2023

You can migrate on-premises VMware virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud in the Cloud Backup console. This topic describes the steps required for this scenario.

The following procedure shows how to migrate on-premises VMware VMs in the Cloud Backup console.

Migrate VMware VMs
  1. Activate Cloud Backup

    You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. You are charged for migrating VMware VMs to the cloud. For more information, see Billing methods and billable items.

  2. Create a migration gateway

    Create a migration gateway in the Cloud Backup console. A migration gateway helps you back up and restore data.

  3. Install and activate the gateway

    After you download the gateway and certificate, you need to install the gateway in your VMware environment. After the gateway is installed, you can migrate VMware VMs in the Cloud Backup console.

  4. Add a vCenter Server

    Before you migrate VMware VMs, you must add a vCenter Server in the Cloud Backup console.

  5. Migrate VMware VMs

    When you create a migration plan in the Cloud Backup console, specify whether you want to run the migration plan immediately or on schedule, the virtual private cloud (VPC), and the ECS instance type. Cloud Backup starts the migration plan and continuously migrates data from the selected VMs to the specified ECS instance.

  6. Confirm that the migration is complete

    You can click Finish Migration to allow Cloud Backup to create an ECS instance based on the last synchronized data. In this case, Cloud Backup no longer runs migration jobs.