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Cloud Backup:Get started with ECS instance backup

Last Updated:Apr 07, 2024

You can back up Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances in the Cloud Backup console. This topic describes the steps required for this scenario.

The following procedure shows how to back up ECS instances in the Cloud Backup console.


ECS instance backup is a backup orchestration service provided by Cloud Backup based on the disk snapshot capability. The first time you back up ECS instances, you must activate the snapshot service.

  1. Activate Cloud Backup

    You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. You are charged for the Cloud Backup clients that you use to back up ECS instances. The fees for the storage usage of ECS snapshots are included into your snapshot service bills. For more information, see Billing methods and billable items.

  2. Back up ECS instances

    When you create a backup job for ECS instances, specify the backup mode, the retention period of backup data, and whether to enable the cross-region replication feature. You can enable the application-consistent backup feature.

    • If the region that you select supports backup policies, you can set a backup plan only by associating it with a backup policy. Cloud Backup periodically backs up ECS instances based on the backup policy.

    • To view the regions that support backup policies, click Policy Center in the left-side navigation pane of the Cloud Backup console. For more information about how to create a backup policy, see Create a backup policy.

    • After you create a backup plan, the first backup job performs a full backup and subsequent backup jobs perform incremental backups.

  3. Restore or clone an ECS instance or disk

    If an exception occurs on an ECS instance or disk, you can restore the ECS instance, clone the ECS instance, restore a disk, or clone a disk based on backup points and the time when the backup points are generated.


    If you clone an ECS instance or a disk, you are charged based on the billing methods and billable items of ECS. For more information, see Billable items and billing methods of ECS.