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Cloud Backup:Get started with disk backup

Last Updated:Sep 22, 2023

You can back up cloud disks in the Cloud Backup console. This topic describes the steps required for this scenario.

The following procedure shows how to back up a cloud disk in the Cloud Backup console.

Back up a cloud disk

Disk backup is a backup orchestration service provided by Cloud Backup based on the disk snapshot capability. When you back up a disk for the first time, follow the instructions to activate the snapshot service.

  1. Activate Cloud Backup

    You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. You are charged for the storage usage of backup vaults. For more information, see Billing methods and billable items.

  2. Create disk backups

    When you create a disk backup task, configure the backup mode and data retention period.

  3. Restore a disk

    If a disk exception occurs, you can restore or clone the disk based on the data that has been backed up.