This topic describes how to use an installation package to install Alibaba Cloud CLI on a windows operating system.


  1. Download the installation package for Windows.
    You can download the installation package from:
    • Official website: Use this link to download the latest version of Alibaba Cloud CLI directly.
    • GitHub: Download the Alibaba Cloud CLI of the required version on GitHub.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to get the executable file named aliyun.exe.
  3. Configure environment variables.
    To add the path of the directory where the aliyun.exe file is located to the Path environment variable, follow these steps:
    1. Open the environment variable graphical interface. In the user variable set, select the Path variable, and click Edit.
    2. Enter the path to the directory where the aliyun.exe file is located.
    3. Click OK on the Edit environment variables dialog box, then OK on the Environment variables dialog box.
    4. Optional:Open the terminal and run the following command to check whether the environment variable is configured successfully.
      • CMD terminal:
        set path
      • PowerShell terminal:
    After the environment variables are configured, you can use the Alibaba Cloud CLI directly on your terminal.
  4. Optional:Run the following command on the terminal to check whether Alibaba Cloud CLI is installed successfully.
    aliyun version
    The system displays the current version number, which indicates that the installation is successful. The following is an example response: