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Cloud Governance Center:Use auxiliary decision-making

Last Updated:Mar 06, 2024

The auxiliary decision-making feature of Cloud Governance Center displays the check results of risk items based on the risk level and governance difficulty, and provides more detailed resource data from multiple dimensions. This helps you determine governance policies in a quick manner.

Check items that support auxiliary decision-making

For more information, see the Auxiliary decision-making column of the tables in Supported check items. The 辅助决策.jpg icon is displayed for the check items that support auxiliary decision-making in the console.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Governance Center console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Well-architectured Framework > Governance Maturity Check.

  3. On the Governance Maturity Check page, view check results.

  4. Click a check item that supports auxiliary decision-making. In the Details panel, you can view the check results further analyzed by auxiliary decision-making.

    For example, you can click the check item A RAM user is idle and view the detailed resource list from two dimensions. The follow figure provides an example.


  5. Find the resource whose governance suggestions you want to view and click Auxiliary Governance Details in the Actions column.

    Cloud Governance Center provides specific governance suggestions for resources and marks key information to help you quickly manage risk items.