This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) when you use the account factory feature to create accounts.

What do I do if an error occurs when I activate a specific Alibaba Cloud service?

When you activate an Alibaba Cloud service, the following error message may appear:

Your information is incomplete. Complete your information before the operation.

The following table describes the possible causes and the solutions.

Cause Solution
The current account does not pass real-name verification for enterprises, or the information about the account is incomplete. For example, the information about the billing address is not specified. Use the current account to log on to the Account Management console and provide the required account information on the Account Information page.
The credit control feature is not enabled for the main financial account. Contact your customer manager to enable this feature.
The credit control feature is enabled for the main financial account but no trusteeship is specified between the main financial account and the linked account. Use the main financial account to log on to the Billing Management console and specify a trusteeship on the Account Linking page. For more information, see Usage notes of trusteeships.

What do I do if the contact specified for an account cannot receive notification messages related to finance or Alibaba Cloud services?

The account factory can help you add contacts for accounts. After the contacts are added, Alibaba Cloud automatically sends emails that contain verification links to the email addresses of the contacts. The contacts need to click the verification links to validate the contact settings.

If a contact has not received the verification email or the verification link has expired, you can log on to Message Center to send the verification email again.