You can submit URLs that contain regular expressions in a refresh task. Alibaba Cloud CDN refreshes resources from all URLs that match the regular expressions. This improves the efficiency of URL refresh.

On the Refresh/Prefetch tab, if you set Operation Method to Regular Expression and enter one or more URLs that contain regular expressions in the URL field, you can refresh all resources from URLs that match the specified regular expressions. When you configure URLs that contain regular expressions, take note of the following rules:
  • You can specify URLs that contain only the following regular expressions in the URL field: [0-9], [a-z], [^/]*, and .*. Do not specify URLs that contain other regular expressions in the URL field.
  • Enter one URL per line. Example:[0-9][a-z].*.jpg.
  • By default, each Alibaba Cloud account can submit up to 20 refresh rules that contain regular expressions per day. If the daily peak bandwidth of your Alibaba Cloud account exceeds 10 Gbit/s, you can submit a ticket to request a quota increase.
  • URL refresh, directory refresh, and refresh that contains regular expressions support shared cache. If shared cache is configured for a domain name, you can submit a refresh task with the primary domain name or any associated domain name to refresh the cache.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.
  2. Click Refresh & Prefetch.
  3. On the Refresh/Prefetch tab, set Operation Method to Regular Expression. RegEx
  4. Enter the URLs, and click Submit.