Alibaba Cloud CDN improves user experience by reducing the load time and improving the responsiveness of your websites. Factors that contribute to these inefficiencies include geographic distance, bandwidth limits, and server performance limits.

TmallTmall greatly reduced its costs on bandwidth resources and business operations by using the distributed architecture of Alibaba Cloud CDN. Alibaba Cloud CDN accelerates user requests that are destined for Tmall and handles traffic spikes during the Double 11 sales event.
TaobaoTaobao uses Alibaba Cloud CDN to deliver content to their web and mobile clients. The time taken to deliver a large number of images can be measured within milliseconds, which greatly reduces load times and improves user experience.
AlipayAlibaba Cloud CDN provides secure end-to-end connections for Alipay. HTTPS connections are used to prevent the hijacking and tampering of DNS servers and resources. This protects user information and ensures the security of transactions.
UCAlibaba Cloud CDN helps UCWeb reduce bandwidth costs when delivering content to web clients. UCWeb also makes use of Alibaba Cloud CDN and Object Storage Service (OSS) to reduce hardware costs and streamline development and O&M.
YoukuAlibaba Cloud CDN accelerates the delivery of multimedia content such as long videos, short videos, audio content, and images for Youku. Alibaba Cloud CDN ensures speed and reliability of content access through Youku's web and mobile clients, greatly improving user experience.