This topic describes different categories of EdgeScript built-in functions.

Category Function
Logical functions and, or, not, eq, ne, and null
Numeric functions add, sub, mul, div, mod, gt, ge, lt, le, floor, and ceil
String functions substr, concat, upper, lower, len, byte, match_re, capture_re, gsub_re, split, split_as_key, tohex, tostring, tochar, reverse, find, format, tobin, and trim
Dictionary functions set, get, foreach, and del
Request processing functions add_req_header, del_req_header, add_rsp_header, del_rsp_header, encode_args, decode_args, rewrite, say, print, exit, get_rsp_header, and add_rsp_cookie.
Throttling functions limit_rate_after and limit_rate
Cache functions set_cache_ttl
Time functions today, time, now, localtime, utctime, cookie_time, http_time, parse_http_time, and unixtime
Cipher algorithm functions aes_new, aes_enc, aes_dec, sha1, sha2, hmac, hmac_sha1, md5, and md5_bin
JSON functions json_enc and json_dec
Miscellaneous functions base64_enc, base64_dec, url_escape, url_unescape, rand, rand_hit, crc, tonumber, base64_enc_safe, base64_dec_safe, and randomseed
Array functions arr_concat, arr_insert, arr_remove, arr_sort, and arr_len
Request logic functions server_addr, server_port, client_addr, client_country, client_region, client_isp, ip_country, ip_region, ip_isp, req_uri, req_uri_basename, req_uri_ext, req_uri_seg, req_uri_arg, req_uri_query_string, req_scheme, req_method, req_host, req_user_agent, req_referer, req_cookie, req_first_x_forwarded, req_header, and req_id.