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Blockchain as a Service:JS SDK Introduction

Last Updated:Jul 20, 2023

JavaScript SDK (JS SDK) connects the blockchain business and the blockchain platform. It provides basic API operations, such as submitting transactions, performing operations on accounts, deploying and calling contracts, performing query operations, executing local transactions, and listening to events. The JS SDK uses TLS and HTTPS protocols to interact with the blockchain platform, and standardizes API operation calls.

The JS SDK is easy to use and can be integrated in the Node.js environment or other environments, such as browsers or web applications. Node.js is required when you call the JS SDK that uses the TLS protocol. You can call the JS SDK directly in the browser when the HTTPS protocol is used.

Release notes

The JS SDK is continuously upgraded and incorporates improved features. The following table lists the core features in previous versions.


Supported blockchain

Improved feature

How to obtain


- Supports standard blockchains.

- Supports TLS and HTTPS protocols.

- Supports operations on accounts and contracts, as well as event subscriptions.

- Supports Solidity contracts.

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