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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Application Access

  1. Why do users need to set username and password for accessing Quorum node in Alibaba Cloud BaaS?

    A: By setting username and password, we provide a simple authentication mechanism for securing the access to Enterprise Ethereum - Quorum interfaces. In this way, only authorized users are able to access corresponding Quorum nodes, which can satisfy the basic requirement of protecting the security of enterprise information system.


  1. Why does Byzantine Fault Tolerence (BFT) consensus (like Istanbul BFT used by Quorum) require at least 4 nodes?

    A: In the case of BFT with 3F+1 nodes, the system can tolerate failure of F nodes. So at least 4 nodes in total are required for reaching consensus if we need to tolerate failure of one node.

Blockchain Network and Node Management

  1. During the process of creating a Quorum node, why did the node status show creation failed at first, and then become successful after a while?

    A: Because the process of creating a blockchain node depends on numerous cloud resource creation and involves complex installation processes, the failure of any step will lead to the failure of node creation. However, BaaS provides retrying mechanism to improve robustness. So if you see the failed status within 15~40 minitues, please be patient. The system will automatically retry and re-create. So you will see that the node status shows creation failed at first, but after a while, it will become successful. But if the failed status lasts for more than one hour, please open a service ticket and we will provide support for you.

Free Trial

  1. How to apply for free trial of Enterprise Ethereum - Quorum? And what is the resource limit during free trial?

    A: You can submit application form by clicking on the Free Trial (Quorum) in BaaS home page. If you meet the standard of free trial, the staff will approve it.

    During the free trial of Quorum, BaaS allows each user to create at most two blockchain networks. The free trial will expire after two weeks. Before expiry, Alibaba Cloud will notify you through Message Center or Email. After expiry, Alibaba Cloud will recycle related resources automatically.