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Last Updated: May 11, 2018


Action Description
CreateImage Creates an image.
DeleteImage Deletes an image.
GetImage Obtains information about an image.
ListImage Obtains image information in bulk.


Action Description
CreateCluster Creates a cluster.
DeleteCluster Deletes a cluster.
ModfiyCluster Modifies a cluster.
GetCluster Obtains status information of a cluster.
ListClusters Obtains cluster status information in bulk.


Action Description
RecreateClusterInstance Re-creates a cluster instance.
DeleteClusterInstance Deletes a cluster instance.
GetClusterInstance Obtains information about a cluster instance.
ListClusterInstances Obtains cluster instance information in bulk.


Action Description
CreateJob Creates a job.
DeleteJob Deletes a job.
StartJob Starts a job.
StopJob Stops a job.
ChangeJobPriority Change priority of a job.
GetJobDescription Obtains resource description of a job.
GetJob Obtains status information of a job.
ListJobs Obtains job status information in bulk.


Action Description
GetTask Obtains task resource description.
ListTasks Obtains task status information in bulk.


Action Description
GetInstance Obtains instance resource description.
ListInstances Obtains instance status information.


Action Description
GetQuota Obtains the user quota.