You can add tags to Bastionhost instances to facilitate instance management. This topic describes how to add or delete tags and search for instances by tag.

Add or delete tags

  1. Log on to the Bastionhost console.
  2. On the Instances page, find the target instance, move the pointer over Tag, and click Edit.
    Edit tags
  3. In the Tag pane, add or delete tags to or from the instance.
    Add tags
    • Add tags
      You can add an existing tag or create a new tag for the instance.
      Note Each tag consists of a tag key and one or more tag values.
      • Add an existing tag

        In the Add Tag section, select a tag key and its value.

      • Create a tag

        In the Create Tag section, specify Key and Value and click OK.

    • Delete tags
      If you no longer need to use a tag, click the Delete icon icon that follows the tag in the Tag section to delete it.Delete tags
    All tags for the instance are displayed in the Tag section.
  4. Click OK.

Search for instances by tag

On the Instances page, select a tag key and a tag value from the drop-down list in the upper-right corner. The information of the matching instance is displayed.Search for instances by tag