Managed Service for Prometheus allows you to customize service discovery configurations for custom collection and integration. This topic describes how to add a custom integration and view information about the custom integration, including metrics, dashboards, and alerts.


A Prometheus instance for Container Service is created. For more information, see Create a Prometheus instance to monitor an ACK cluster.


  1. Log on to the ARMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Prometheus Service > Prometheus Instances.
  3. Click the name of the Prometheus instance instance that you want to manage to go to the Integration Center page.

Add a custom integration

  1. On the Integration Center page, click Add or Install in the custom section.
  2. In the STEP2 section of the Monitor Custom Data Source panel, configure service discovery.
    Managed Service for Prometheus supports the following service discovery methods:
    • Pod annotation
    • Service monitoring
    • Pod monitoring
    • Remote Write
    • Custom service discovery
    After you configure service discovery, you can click Verify to verify the YAML configuration file of service discovery. If the Verified message appears, click Save.
    Important The verification is necessary. If your service discovery configurations are incorrect but you do not verify the configurations, your jobs may not run.
  3. Check whether the service discovery configurations take effect.
    Click custom. On the Targets tab of the panel that appears, you can check whether the service discovery configurations take effect. If a collection target does not take effect, you can click the Service Discovery Configurations tab to modify the configured jobs.

View information about a custom integration

On the Integration Center page, click custom. In the panel that appears, you can view the detailed information about the custom integration, including collection targets, metrics, dashboards, alerts, service discovery configurations, and exporters.

Targets tab

On the Targets tab, you can view the list of targets that are discovered by the default integration job, and the metrics and service discovery configurations of a specified target.

Metrics tab

On the Metrics tab, you can view and discard specific metrics. For more information, see Configure metrics.

Dashboards tab

On the Dashboards tab, you can view the preset dashboards provided by Managed Service for Prometheus. You can also click a dashboard name to go to Grafana and view more dashboard data. For more information, see View Grafana dashboards.

Alerts tab

On the Alerts tab, you can create Prometheus alert rules and view the alert information. For more information, see Create an alert rule for a Prometheus instance.

Service Discovery Configurations tab

On the Service Discovery Configurations tab, you can manage the default basic monitoring jobs. For example, you can change data collection intervals or disable collection jobs. For more information, see and Manage service discoveries.Manage ECS service discovery

Exporter tab

On the Exporter tab, you can view exporters that are installed by default, such as node-exporter and kube-state-metrics, and their versions.