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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Jul 25, 2024
This product(ARMS/2019-08-08) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

Monitoring Metrics

QueryMetricByPageQueryMetricByPageQueries an Application Monitoring metric or a Browser Monitoring metric.

Browser Monitoring

UploadUploadUploads a SourceMap file to ARMS Browser Monitoring.
DeleteSourceMapDeleteSourceMapDelete s SourceMap file that was uploaded to Browser Monitoring.
GetSourceMapInfoGetSourceMapInfoObtains the details of the SourceMap file uploaded in Browser Monitoring.
CreateRetcodeAppCreateRetcodeAppCreates a Browser Monitoring task for an application.
GetRetcodeShareUrlGetRetcodeShareUrlQueries the logon-free URL of a Browser Monitoring application.
DeleteRetcodeAppDeleteRetcodeAppDeletes a Browser Monitoring task.
SetRetcodeShareStatusSetRetcodeShareStatusTurns on or turns off logon-free sharing for an application monitored by Browser Monitoring.
ListRetcodeAppsListRetcodeAppsQueries the Browser Monitoring tasks in a region.
SearchRetcodeAppByPageSearchRetcodeAppByPageQueries Browser Monitoring tasks by page.
GetRetcodeDataByQueryGetRetcodeDataByQueryQueries the Browser Monitoring data based on a query statement of Log Service.
GetRetcodeAppByPidGetRetcodeAppByPidQueries the objects of a Browser Monitoring application by process identifier (PID).

Service Activation

OpenArmsServiceSecondVersionOpenArmsServiceSecondVersionActivates a specified pay-as-you-go sub-service of Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS).
OpenXtraceDefaultSLROpenXtraceDefaultSLRActivates the service-linked role AliyunServiceRoleForXtrace for Tracing Analysis.
OpenArmsDefaultSLROpenArmsDefaultSLRActivates the service-linked role AliyunServiceRoleForARMS for Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS).
ChangeResourceGroupChangeResourceGroupMoves a resource to a specific resource group.
TagResourcesTagResourcesAdds tags to ARMS resources.
UntagResourcesUntagResourcesRemoves tags from ARMS resources.


GetCommercialStatusGetCommercialStatusQueries whether the current account has activated the commercial edition of a service.
CheckCommercialStatusCheckCommercialStatusChecks whether Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) is available for commercial use in a region.
QueryCommercialUsageQueryCommercialUsageQueries the amount of data written to Application Monitoring, Managed Service for OpenTelemetry, Managed Service for Prometheus, and Real User Monitoring (RUM).