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ApsaraVideo Live:Common scenarios

Last Updated:Aug 08, 2022

This topic describes the scenarios of ApsaraVideo Live.

Online education

We recommend that you use the Real-Time Streaming (RTS) feature of ApsaraVideo Live for online classes that require interaction between teachers and students. RTS ensures synchronous communication between teachers and students. Teachers can answer students' questions in time, which improves the efficiency of class activities. You can also use the recording, time shifting, and transcoding features of ApsaraVideo Live to deliver on-demand videos of online classes. This way, students can review their lessons and consolidate knowledge anytime, which improves learning outcomes.

Entertainment live streaming

ApsaraVideo Live provides easy-to-access entertainment live streaming services that feature high definition and low latency. Entertainment live streaming does not require well-trained casters and, in some cases, can be misused to broadcast illegal content such as pornography or terrorism. ApsaraVideo Live provides review features to help review videos, images, and audio content. You can use the review features of ApsaraVideo Live to reduce review costs.

Live streaming sale in e-commerce

Live streaming is an activity that attracts target customer groups with similar interests and encourages frequent interaction at a low marketing cost. In the e-commerce field, live streaming has become an indispensable marketing strategy to bring in high-quality customers. The RTS feature of ApsaraVideo Live minimizes the latency between live streams and interaction messages. This prevents asynchronous communication when the audience and casters interact with each other. RTS is also used by Taobao. Lower-latency interaction can drive higher gross merchandise volume (GMV).

Event live streaming

ApsaraVideo Live provides a large number of content delivery network (CDN) nodes across the globe and powerful media processing capabilities. These capabilities ensure the high concurrency, low latency, security, and stability of live streaming. You can use the production studio feature of ApsaraVideo Live to mix streams from multiple cameras, add components such as the score board, add introductions, insert advertisements, and add roll advertisements of sponsors.

Radio, television, and new media

ApsaraVideo Live supports the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol that is widely used in the radio, television, and new media industry. In addition, ApsaraVideo Live supports high resolutions such as 4K and 8K, and provides the Narrowband HD™ feature. This enables you to achieve higher image quality at the same bitrate. You can also use the production studio feature to split the screen, add station logos, add bilingual subtitles, and play standby videos.

Enterprise live streaming

ApsaraVideo Live provides content protection features, such as IP whitelist or blacklist, to protect the live streaming of enterprises from illegal distribution. ApsaraVideo Live also provides the recording feature so that you can save the videos of sessions or trainings for on-demand playback.