This topic describes the prerequisites for installing the original PHP SDK. This topic also describes how to install and uninstall the original PHP SDK.

Usage notes

The original PHP SDK is no longer maintained. We recommend that you use the upgraded SDK that supports Composer. For more information, see Installation.


ApsaraVideo VOD is activated. For more information, see Activate ApsaraVideo VOD.

Environment requirement

PHP 5.3 or later is installed. You can run the php -v command to view the current PHP version. For more information about how to install PHP, visit the PHP official website.

Install PHP SDK

  1. Create a folder named aliyun-php-sdk in your PHP project.
  2. Visit aliyun-openapi-php-sdk to download the source code. Decompress the downloaded package and copy the aliyun-php-sdk-core and aliyun-php-sdk-vod folders to the aliyun-php-sdk directory.
Note We recommend that you use aliyun-php-sdk-core V1.3.8 or later and aliyun-php-sdk-vod V2.15.1 or later.
Directory structure:Directory
Item Requirement
1 The PHP SDK directory.
2 The application file.
Note In actual practice, replace the Demo.php file in the preceding figure with your actual application file.

Uninstall PHP SDK

Delete the local PHP SDK directory.