ApsaraVideo VOD (VOD) allows you to configure callback settings. After callback settings are configured, VOD notifies you of the progress and video status immediately after a video processing operation, such as upload or transcoding, is complete. VOD supports HTTP callbacks and Alibaba Cloud Message Service (MNS) callbacks.


If you select MNS Queue for Callback Method, you need to authorize VOD to access MNS and create a queue or use an existing queue in the MNS console before you configure callback settings. For more information about how to configure MNS event notifications, see Reliable MNS event notification.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane of the ApsaraVideo VOD console, choose Configuration Management > Media Processing > Callback.
  3. On the Callback page, click Modify.
    Modify settings
  4. After you modify the callback settings, click OK.
    The following table describes the callback parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Callback Method Valid values: HTTP Request and MNS Queue.
    Callback URL This parameter is required if you set Callback Method to HTTP Request.

    Set the URL for receiving message callbacks based on your requirements. When a callback event is generated, the VOD server sends an HTTP POST request to the URL.

    The URL can be up to 256 bytes in length. You can specify only one URL.

    Region This parameter is required if you set Callback Method to MNS Queue.

    Select the region where the video for which you want to configure event notifications is stored. We recommend that you select the region of the queue created in MNS.

    Queue This parameter is required when you set Callback Method to MNS Queue.

    Select the queue in the region.

    Events Select callback events as needed. Then, you can receive event notifications after the callback events are processed. For more information, see Overview.
    Configure callbacks


HTTP callback authentication

Reliable MNS event notification