Different transcoding jobs share some configurations. To reduce the workload of setting duplicate parameters each time you submit a transcoding job, ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) provides you with transcoding templates that combine common parameters required for running transcoding jobs. MPS offers two types of transcoding templates: preset templates and custom templates.

Preset template

Preset templates provide combinations of common parameters required for running transcoding jobs. Preset templates are classified into the following types:
  • Static preset template: a transcoding template that can be used without modification. Static preset templates are applicable to scenarios such as audio transcoding, video transcoding, and container format conversion. For example, you can use a static preset template to convert a video file into a high definition (HD) MP4 or 128K MP3 file.
  • Narrowband HD™ template: Narrowband HD™ is exclusively available in MPS. Videos that are transcoded by using Narrowband HD™ provide better image quality at the same bitrate. This helps you improve user experience and save costs. MPS provides the preset Narrowband HDTM 1.0 template.
  • Intelligent preset template: An intelligent preset template automatically modifies parameters for a transcoding job based on the content of an input file. This reduces the bitrate of the video and saves costs without compromising the image quality.
    Note You can use an intelligent preset template only if you submit a transcoding job by calling an API operation. To use an intelligent preset template, you must call the SubmitAnalysisJob operation to submit a media information analysis job. After the media information analysis job is complete, you can call the QueryAnalysisJobList operation to obtain a list of intelligent preset templates that are available to the input file. If the intelligent preset template that you specify for the transcoding job does not exist in the list of valid templates, an error is returned after you submit the transcoding job.

Custom template

If preset templates do not meet your business requirements, you can create a custom template to customize audio, video, container, and transcoding parameters. Each custom template is identified by a unique ID. You can create a regular or Narrowband HD™ template. For more information, see Create a custom transcoding template, Create a Narrowband HDTM 1.0 template.