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ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ:FAQ about billing

Last Updated:May 24, 2024

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the billing of ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ.

Why am I charged USD 0.45 on a daily basis?

The billable items of ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ are API calls and topic usage. The usage fee of each topic is USD 0.45/day at the first tier. For more information about tiered pricing of topics, see Billing overview.

Why did I still receive a bill and get charged today after I deleted the topic yesterday?

You are charged for topic usage on a daily basis from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, and bills are generated the next day. Therefore, the billing system generates a bill the next day after you delete a topic. You will not receive a bill for this topic on the third day.

Why did I get charged even though I did not use ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ?

Log on to the Billing overview console to view your bills and check whether you used ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ.

If you do not need to use ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ, delete all resources in the ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ console to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Why am I charged for ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ even though the service is not activated?

If you have an overdue payment for ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ and do not complete the payment within 72 hours, Alibaba Cloud suspends the service. As a result, you cannot access the ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ console or call the ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ API. However, you still must complete the payment before you deactivate ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ.

How do I deactivate ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ?

Delete the topics and group IDs in all regions, stop all producers and consumers, and then delete the corresponding instances.

Why am I charged for 126,315,056 API calls but the total number of messages is 631,238 in a day?

The total number of API calls is calculated by using the following formula: Number of API calls = Number of API calls to send messages + Number of API calls to subscribe to messages + Number of long polling API calls.

A long polling API call is initiated by an ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ consumer to push a message in real time. Each queue initiates a long polling API call every 15 seconds. If a message is generated in the queue within these 15 seconds, the long polling API call is not counted.

How do I renew my ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ Enterprise Platinum Edition instance?

For more information about how to renew an instance, see Lifecycle management.