This topic describes the system accounts that are provided in an ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server instance. In most cases, you do not need to manage the permissions and authorized operations of these system accounts.

Account Description
<Hostname>\Administrator The account that is used to locally manage the RDS instance. For example, you can use this account to reconfigure the parameters that are related to the database engine and query the status of the RDS instance.
  • aurora
  • rds_service
The accounts that are used to remotely manage the RDS instance. If the RDS instance is faulty, you can provide these accounts to an Alibaba Cloud engineer. The engineer can use these accounts to log on to and manage the RDS instance. For example, the engineer can perform a primary/secondary switchover and monitor the RDS instance.
  • sqlsa
  • sa
The default accounts that are provided with SQL Server. These accounts are disabled to prevent security risks.
  • rds_ha_sec_user
  • rds_ag_sec_user
The accounts that are used to replicate data from the RDS instance to its secondary RDS instance. These accounts are available only in RDS High-availability Edition and RDS Cluster Edition.