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ApsaraDB for OceanBase:Overview

Last Updated:May 25, 2022

The workspace is the main feature module for you to develop databases in OceanBase Developer Center (ODC).

After you enter the corresponding database connection, you can click Workspace in the navigation bar on the top of the page. The drop-down list provides the following features:

  • SQL Window: An SQL window is a working area for database developers to edit SQL and PL statements. ODC also provides the Snippets button in the SQL window.

  • Anonymous Block Window: An anonymous block window is a working area for database developers to edit anonymous block scripts.

  • Command-line Window: OceanBase command-line client OBClient is integrated in the form of a command-line window. It allows you to execute SQL or PL statements and view the execution results in real time.

  • Stored Scripts: Database developers can open scripts previously stored in ODC.

  • Snippets: View and reference built-in and custom code snippets


The anonymous block window is available only in Oracle mode.

This chapter describes these features in different topics.