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ApsaraDB for OceanBase:Download OBClient

Last Updated:Apr 19, 2023

The OceanBase Client (OBClient) is an interactive query tool that supports batch processing. It must be installed separately. OBClient provides a command-line user interface and acts as the client when it is connected to the database. It supports Oracle and MySQL tenants in OceanBase Database.

When you run OBClient, you need to specify the connection information of the OceanBase Database tenant. For more information, see Connect to an OceanBase Database tenant through OBClient.

Download link: OBClient

After OceanBase Database is connected, you can run some OBClient commands (including general MySQL commands), SQL statements, and PL statements in OBClient to execute the following tasks:

  • Calculate, store, and print query results

  • Create database objects and check and modify object definitions

  • Develop and run batch scripts

  • Manage databases and modify parameters