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ApsaraDB for OceanBase:Create a cluster

Last Updated:Jun 02, 2021

You must create a cluster before using apsaradb for OceanBase. This topic describes how to create a cluster and the meanings of different cluster specifications.


Apsaradb for OceanBase allows you to quickly create and manage clusters in the apsaradb for OceanBase console. By default, a cluster contains three zones, all of which provide read and write services.


  1. Log on to the apsaradb for OceanBase console and enter the .

    If this is your first time creating a cluster, click create a cluster.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click cluster list.

  3. In the upper-right corner, click create cluster.1

  4. Select the subscription tab .

    Subscription: you need to pay for a new instance when creating it. We recommend that you select this billing method for long-term use because this method is more cost-effective than the pay-as-you-go billing method. Larger discounts are provided for longer subscription periods.

  5. Select basic configuration and purchase quantity.


    Configuration type


    Basic Configuration


    To accelerate the access to RDS, we recommend that you select a region that is geographically close to the location of your RDS instance.

    Deployment solutions

    Multi-data center deployment: primary and secondary nodes are deployed in different zones. Primary and secondary nodes are deployed across zones for disaster recovery without additional charge. By default, three zones are selected.

    Node Specification

    All nodes are dedicated nodes. The default disk capacity is no less than 1.7 TB. Node specifications represents the CPU and memory allocated to the instance. A cluster contains one primary node and two secondary nodes.

    The following node specifications are supported :

    • 14-core 70GB

    • 32-core 224GB

    • 64-core 480GB


    The default value is 3.

    Storage Type

    And provides up to 1 million random IOPS and low-latency performance for a single ESSD.


    The number of instances that you want to purchase.

    The number of purchased clusters.


    The validity period of the subscription. Unit: months.

    You can also activate auto-renewal. The auto-renewal cycle is the same as the purchase cycle.

  6. In the section, check the specifications of the selected cluster.

  7. Click Buy Now.

  8. Select apsaradb for OceanBase-subscription of service agreement, and click to pay for the.

  9. After the payment is complete, you can view the created cluster in the cluster list.

What's next

After creating a cluster, you can select a primary zone Create a tenant as needed to access the database.