This topic describes how ApsaraDB MyBase helps Leyaoyao deal with business challenges, improve operational benefits, and make management efficient.

Customer profile

Leyaoyao provides intelligent communication devices and software as a service (SaaS) solutions for mobile payment. This helps offline self-service devices connect to the Internet and Internet of Things (IoT). This way, Internet service providers (ISPs) can improve operational benefits and make management efficient. By 2021, the number of active devices on the Leyaoyao platform exceeds one million. These devices are deployed across more than 600 cities in China. Leyaoyao plays a leading role in providing entertainment devices and charging piles. It also makes efforts to provide other self-service devices, such as vending machines and kiosks that assist people's daily life. By far, Leyaoyao has cooperated with more than 3,000 manufacturers in depth and served more than 150,000 ISPs. It also enables mobile payment for more than 200 million users. The number of payment transactions in a single day exceeds 3.5 million.


  • The network traffic for SaaS applications during holidays is three times that during weekdays. As a result, the customer must manually scale resources several times in a year. This increases the costs because manual scaling is complex.
  • A high availability (HA) solution for self-managed databases has defects. If a primary/secondary switchover is performed, the customer must set up the new primary instance again.
  • The major version upgrade for self-managed databases is difficult and risky. As a result, the customer cannot use the new features.
  • Business iterations are fast. As a result, the customer must deploy an increasing number of database instances and maintain multiple instances. This increases maintenance costs.
  • Self-managed databases are difficult to be used in conjunction with cost-effective Alibaba Cloud storage services, such as Object Storage Service (OSS) and MaxCompute.


  • ApsaraDB MyBase allows the customer to deploy read-only instances and enable resource overcommitment for a dedicated cluster in a few clicks. This ensures sufficient database resources.
  • By default, an ApsaraDB MyBase dedicated cluster features high availability. It automatically sets up a primary instance after a primary/secondary switchover.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase is integrated with Data Transmission Service (DTS) so that the customer can directly migrate data to ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL 12. This facilitates database upgrades.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase allows the customer to deploy, expand, and delete database instances in a few clicks. It also enables monitoring and alerting and can fast adapt to business.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase is integrated with DTS and oss_fdw and stores multiple replicas. This achieves cost-effective data archiving and computing and analysis.


  • ApsaraDB MyBase dynamically schedules resources. This helps the customer manage multiple instances and meets business requirements for fast upgrades and iterations. This accelerates business rollouts.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase enables resource overcommitment and is integrated with the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. ApsaraDB MyBase provides a cost-effective solution for online business, data archiving, and offline analysis.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase enables a reliable and secure database service and reduces maintenance costs.