Term Description
Cassandra ApsaraDB for Cassandra, an online distributed NoSQL database. It supports the SQL-like Cassandra query language (CQL) and multi-active geo-redundancy to provide enterprise-grade features such as security assurance, disaster recovery, monitoring, and backup and restoration.
CQL The Cassandra query language. It is a SQL-like query language provided by Cassandra. For more information, visit The Cassandra Query Language (CQL).
data center A data center is a node group that has independent power supply and network in a region. Multiple data centers within an instance are connected through the internal network and have little network latency. Faults are isolated between data centers.
partitioner A partitioner determines the policy of distributing data evenly among nodes. ApsaraDB for Cassandra uses Murmur3Partitioner by default.
number of replicas The number of replicas indicates the number of data copies in a cluster. For example, if the number of replicas is two, each row in a cluster has two replicas that are on different nodes. You can specify the number of replicas when you create a keyspace.
replica policy A replica policy determines the node on which replicas are stored. You can specify the replica policy when you create a keyspace. We recommend that you use NetworkTopologyStrategy to deploy a cluster in multiple data centers.
keyspace A keyspace contains multiple tables. You can specify replica policies for keyspaces.