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Description of ApsaraDB for Cassandra audit logs

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2021

ApsaraDB for Cassandra has been integrated with ActionTrail. This topic describes the ApsaraDB for Cassandra operation logs that are recorded in ActionTrail.

Background information

ActionTrail is a service that queries and delivers the resource action records of your Alibaba Cloud account. You can view and retrieve behavioral logs in the ActionTrail console. ActionTrail also allows you to deliver logs to Log Service Logstores or a specified Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket. This meets requirements of features such as real-time auditing and problem backtracking and analysis.

Description of ApsaraDB for Cassandra operation logs

The main content in the ActionTrail logs of ApsaraDB for Cassandra is API call events. For OpenAPI events, the value of the eventType parameter recorded in ActionTrail is ApiCall.

Examples of ApsaraDB for Cassandra operation logs

The following example shows the log of creating an ApsaraDB for Cassandra instance. This log is recorded in ActionTrail. The log records the detailed information about the actions of an ApsaraDB for Cassandra cluster.

  "eventId": "def79400-0f1e-489a-a1c2-b*********",
  "eventVersion": 1,
  "eventSource": "",
  "userAgent": "AliyunConsole",
  "eventType": "ConsoleOperation",
  "referencedResources": {
    "ACS::Cassandra::Cluster": [
  "userIdentity": {
    "accountId": "17926974*****",
    "principalId": "227691078*******",
    "type": "ram-user",
    "userName": "cassandra"
  "serviceName": "Cassandra",
  "requestId": "def79400-0f1e-489a-a1c2-b*******",
  "eventTime": "2020-11-17T14:42:34Z",
  "isGlobal": false,
  "acsRegion": "ap-southeast-1",
  "eventName": "Create"