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API Gateway:Scenarios

Last Updated:Nov 08, 2023

API Gateway allows you to provide APIs for a variety of scenarios. With API Gateway, you can open APIs to partners and developers to monetize your enterprise’s core capabilities and establish an API ecosystem. You can adapt your APIs to multiple terminals (such as mobile and Internet devices) and separate the frontend and backend of the system. Furthermore you can create completely modular, micro-service-based systems.

1. Establish an ecosystem for capability sharing and coordinated development

As user numbers grow, and user needs diversify, enterprises must explore new business models to solve various scenario-specific problems for their customers. With API Gateway, standard API services are provided that allow other developers to integrate some or all APIs into their own apps. This opens up new services, helps enterprises establish new business ecosystems, and promotes cross-sector innovation.

  • Using API Gateway, you can share your core capabilities with your partners to realize deep cooperation and synergetic development.

  • By releasing APIs on the Alibaba Cloud marketplace, you can provide capabilities, services, and data to a wide range of developers for purchase and use.

  • On the API marketplace, you can purchase sophisticated capabilities and services from third parties to avoid tiled exploration, focus on service specialty, and boost service development.

2. Secure implementation of multi-terminal unification for a single service with multi-terminal output

As mobile and IoT devices become increasingly common, APIs are now required to support more types of terminal devices to expand business scale, which also increases system complexity. Using API Gateway, you can adapt your APIs to multiple terminals by adjusting the API definition in API Gateway without additional configurations needed.

  • You only need to maintain a single service system that can provide output to multiple terminals. By adjusting the API definition, you can support apps, devices, web terminals, and various other terminals.

  • You do not need specialized APIs for different scenarios, significantly reducing management and O&M costs.

3. Easy system integration and standardization

  • With API Gateway, you can standardize your own inter-system interfaces and apply pre-standardized interfaces for system integration.

  • You can quickly integrate and manage resources, minimizing resource waste and operation redundancies while focusing on channeling resources for business development.