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Anycast Elastic IP Address:Purchase and manage Anycast EIPs

Last Updated:Dec 20, 2023

Anycast Elastic IP Address (Anycast EIP) is a service that you can use to improve the availability of your Internet-facing services and the quality of Internet connections. Before you use the Anycast EIP service, you must create an Anycast EIP. After an Anycast EIP is created, the system allocates a public IP address to the Anycast EIP. This way, you can use the Anycast EIP to access the Internet.

Purchase an Anycast EIP

  1. Log on to the Anycast EIP console.
  2. On the Anycast Elastic IP Addresses page, click Purchase Anycast EIP.

  3. If this is your first time purchasing an Anycast EIP, the billing of Anycast EIP is managed by Cloud Data Transfer (CDT). You must first activate CDT.

    1. Read and select Terms of Service and click Activate.

    2. In the message that appears, click Continue to Purchase.


    If this is not the first time that you purchase Anycast EIPs, the pay-by-data-transfer metering method is used by default. For more information, see Billing rules. To use CDT to manage the billing of Anycast EIP, go to the Cloud Data Transfer page and select a region outside the Chinese mainland. Click Activate Now next to Anycast EIP. For more information, see What is CDT?.

  4. On the buy page, set the following parameters and click Activate Now.




    Select an access area for the Anycast EIP. Default value: Outside Mainland China.

    Instance Spec

    Select an instance type. Default value: Standard.

    Billing Method

    Select a billing method. Default value: Pay-By-Data-Transfer. For more information, see Billing.


    Enter a name for the Anycast EIP.


    Specify the number of Anycast EIPs that you want to purchase.

    Terms of Service

    Read and select Anycast EIPs Terms of Service.

After the purchase is complete, you can view the Anycast EIP in the instance list on the Anycast Elastic IP Addresses page.

Release an Anycast EIP

If your cloud resource no longer requires Internet access, you can release the Anycast EIP that is associated with the cloud resource. After the Anycast EIP is released, you are no longer charged for the Anycast EIP.

Before you release an Anycast EIP, make sure that the Anycast EIP is not associated with a cloud resource. For more information about how to disassociate an Anycast EIP from a cloud resource, see Disassociate an Anycast EIP.

  1. Log on to the Anycast EIP console.
  2. On the Anycast Elastic IP Addresses page, select one or more Anycast EIPs that you want to release, and click Release below the instance list.

  3. In the message that appears, confirm the information and click Yes.