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Anti-DDoS:Configure the intelligent protection feature for Layer-4 services

Last Updated:Mar 28, 2024

By default, the intelligent protection feature is enabled. This feature uses algorithms to learn historical traffic patterns of protected services and adjusts traffic scrubbing policies at Layer 4 to better safeguard the services. After your services are protected by Anti-DDoS Proxy, intelligent protection of the normal level is enabled by default. If the normal-level protection cannot meet your requirements, you can set the level to Low or Strict as required.


An Anti-DDoS Proxy (Chinese Mainland) or Anti-DDoS Proxy (Outside Chinese Mainland) instance is purchased. For more information, see Purchase an Anti-DDoS Proxy instance.

Background information

To protect your services against Layer 4 DDoS attacks, Anti-DDoS Proxy supports the loose, normal, and strict levels of intelligent protection. The levels are provided based on historical traffic patterns of services and technical experience of Alibaba Cloud security experts. By default, intelligent protection is enabled, and the protection level is set to Normal. You can change the level based on your business requirements.

Intelligent protection works based on historical traffic patterns. If you use an Anti-DDoS Proxy instance to protect your services for the first time, it takes about three days for Anti-DDoS Proxy to learn the traffic patterns and provide optimal protection.

Intelligent protection algorithms automatically add malicious IP addresses to a blacklist and block all requests from these IP addresses within a specific time period. You can view, add, and remove IP addresses in the blacklist. You can also add IP addresses to the whitelist. This ensures that requests from these IP addresses are allowed. For more information, see Configure the blacklist and whitelist (IP address-based) feature.


  1. Log on to the Anti-DDoS Proxy console.

  2. In the top navigation bar, select the region of your instance.

    • Anti-DDoS Proxy (Chinese Mainland): If your instance is an Anti-DDoS Proxy (Chinese Mainland) instance, select Chinese Mainland.

    • Anti-DDoS Proxy (Outside Chinese Mainland): If your instance is an Anti-DDoS Proxy (Outside Chinese Mainland), select Outside Chinese Mainland.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Mitigation Settings > General Policies.

  4. On the General Policies page, click the Protection for Non-website Services tab and select the instance that you want to manage from the Select Instance drop-down list.


  5. In the Intelligent Protection section, click Settings.

  6. In the Intelligent Protection dialog box, configure the Level parameter based on your business requirements and then click OK. 清洗模式

    Description of protection levels:

    • Loose: Intelligent protection automatically scrubs traffic from malicious IP addresses. It may not block all Layer 4 volumetric attacks but achieves a low false positive rate.

    • Normal: Intelligent protection automatically scrubs traffic from malicious and suspicious IP addresses. This is the default level. Intelligent protection defends against DDoS attacks while maintains a low false positive rate at this level. We recommend that you use this level in common scenarios.

    • Strict: Intelligent protection provides the strongest protection against DDoS attacks but may cause false positives.

    After the protection level is changed, the instance protects services based on the configured level.