Table 1. Instance statuses
Status Description
Creating The instance is being created.
Running The instance is running.
Deleting The instance is being deleted.
Rebooting The instance is restarting.
DBInstanceClassChanging The instance specification is being changed.
Transfering The instance is being migrated.
EngineVersionUpgrading The engine version is being upgraded.
TransferingToOtherInstance The data is being transferred to other instances of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.
GuardDBInstanceCreating The disaster recovery instance is being created.
Restoring The backup is being restored.
Importing The data is being imported.
ImportingFromOtherInstance The data is being imported from other instances of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.
DBInstanceNetTypeChanging The network type is being changed.
GuardSwitching The environment is being switched to the disaster recovery instance.