AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL provides parallel query for individual tables. This topic describes the parallel query feature.


If your instance uses compute nodes that have 4 cores or higher specifications, parallel query is enabled by default for individual table queries to improve multi-core concurrency and reduce query time. The system automatically selects the degree of parallelism based on the number of concurrent queries, compute node specifications, and SQL statements. When the system detects a high workload, it disables parallel query. In low-concurrency scenarios, aggregate queries on individual tables that have large amounts of data can reduce the query time by about 50%.



In this example, an AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instance that has the following configurations is used:

  • Compute node specifications: 4C32G
  • Number of compute nodes: 4

Query time of individual tables before and after parallel acceleration for 10 GB data:

  • Before parallel accelerationBefore parallel acceleration
  • After parallel accelerationAfter parallel acceleration
Before parallel acceleration After parallel acceleration
17456.066 ms 9407.291 ms