This topic describes how to add tags to one or more AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances. You can use tags to classify a large number of instances. Each tag consists of a key and a value. You can use tag keys and values to further classify instances.


  • You can add up to 20 tags to each instance. Each tag must have a unique key. If two tags have the same key, the tag that is created later overwrites the earlier tag.
  • You can add tags to up to 50 instances at a time.
  • Instances in different regions do not share the same tag namespace.
  • After you remove a tag from an instance, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL checks whether the tag is added to other instances. If not, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL deletes the tag.


  1. Find the instance to which you want to add tags and move the pointer over the Tag icon icon in the Tag column.
  2. Click Edit Tags. Edit tags
  3. In the Edit Tags dialog box, click Create Tag. Create tags
  4. Enter a key in Tag Key and a value in Tag Value. Click OK.
    Note To add multiple tags, repeat this step.
    Add tags
  5. After you add a tag, click OK. Complete tag addition