In complex analysis scenarios that involve large amounts of data, query efficiency is extremely important. The capability to analyze complex queries in real time is one of the core advantages of AnalyticDB for MySQL. AnalyticDB for MySQL uses the cost-based optimizer (CBO) to obtain an optimal query execution plan and improve query efficiency.

The CBO of AnalyticDB for MySQL has the following characteristics:

Distributed query design
The CBO of AnalyticDB for MySQL produces an optimal execution plan for distributed queries based on multiple nodes. This way, query results can be returned in real time even for complex queries.
Highly autonomous experience
To produce an optimal query execution plan, the CBO requires an input of statistics. Statistics is significant for the CBO to predict query overheads. AnalyticDB for MySQL analyzes the statistics required for all table columns in an intelligent manner and automatically updates the statistics by using full, incremental, and real-time synchronization methods. These operations are performed without affecting your business.
Multi-dimensional search
AnalyticDB for MySQL searches for an optimal query execution plan based on multiple dimensions such as the JOIN order, data shuffle mode, index selection, and aggregation method, instead of based on the layered search that is used by traditional optimizers. This way, an optimal query execution plan can be obtained in complex analysis scenarios.