AnalyticDB for MySQL provides batch and real-time data services for businesses and consumers alike. Tens of thousands of enterprises use AnalyticDB for MySQL for data extract-transform-load (ETL), real-time analysis, dashboards, reporting, and monitoring workloads. This topic describes five scenarios in which AnalyticDB for MySQL is used: real-time data warehouses, precision marketing, business intelligence (BI) reports, multi-source joint analysis, and interactive query.

Real-time data warehouses

This scenario requires a unified platform for real-time query and batch computing. This not only simplifies the data architecture, but also reduces development and O&M costs. This scenario uses elastic scaling to properly allocate resources, reducing the amount of idle resources during off-peak hours, optimizing costs, and improving cost-effectiveness.

AnalyticDB for MySQL delivers the following benefits in this scenario:

Integration of real-time analysis and batch processing
AnalyticDB for MySQL supports both online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads. Data can be added, deleted, and modified in real time, and real-time analysis is integrated with ETL computing. It isolates batch and real-time tasks based on resource groups to ensure business stability.
Elasticity of computing and storage resources
AnalyticDB for MySQL is in a decoupled architecture. You can individually scale computing and storage resources on demand, achieving fine-grained resource management and higher cost-efficiency.

Precision marketing

In this scenario, the growth, activity, and retention of users in different channels are monitored by using real-time statistics. This allows enterprises to obtain timely insights on return on investments (ROI). The improved speed in measuring marketing effectiveness provides an edge in helping enterprises fine-tune products to improve user experience, optimize marketing plans, and increase overall revenue.

AnalyticDB for MySQL delivers the following benefits in this scenario:

Real-time synchronization of data from a variety of sources
Structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources can be synchronized to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time.
Real-time feedback for marketing effectiveness
AnalyticDB for MySQL supports real-time contextual computing on logs and business data, delivering timely feedback on marketing effectiveness.

BI reports

This scenario requires real-time warehousing and computing of large amounts of data. The data needs to be processed with minimal latency and BI-ready. A wide range of visual BI tools need to be supported, allowing enterprises to use tools they are familiar with to quickly create reports and dashboards.

AnalyticDB for MySQL delivers the following benefits in this scenario:

Real-time data writes and updates
AnalyticDB for MySQL can write millions of data rows each second and make them available for query within milliseconds. Query results are available within milliseconds to seconds.
High compatibility with BI tools
AnalyticDB for MySQL is highly compatible with MySQL and the SQL:2003 standard. It supports dozens of mainstream BI tools such as Tableau, FineReport, and Quick BI.

Multi-source joint analysis

In this scenario, data synchronization links must be configured for enterprises to build data warehouses on the cloud and complex data analysis that arises from sharding must be solved so that you can focus more on the business logic.

AnalyticDB for MySQL delivers the following benefits in this scenario:

Wide data source support
AnalyticDB for MySQL can integrate data from a wide variety of sources, including database services (such as ApsaraDB RDS, PolarDB-X 1.0, PolarDB, Oracle, and SQL Server), big data platforms or services (such as Flink, Hadoop, E-MapReduce, and MaxCompute), Object Storage Service (OSS), log platforms or services (such as Kafka and Log Service), and on-premises sources.
Quick creation of warehouses
Data from ApsaraDB RDS, PolarDB for MySQL, or a Logstore in Log Service can be synchronized to an AnalyticDB for MySQL cluster with simple configurations. Data from multiple databases and tables can be aggregated into the same table in AnalyticDB for MySQL for global analysis.

Interactive query

This scenario requires real-time BI reports and custom multi-dimensional queries with smooth and responsive interactive experience. Data needs to be analysis-ready to facilitate exploratory analysis.

AnalyticDB for MySQL delivers the following benefits in this scenario:

Fast query
In AnalyticDB for MySQL, results for queries that involve JOINs can be returned within milliseconds or seconds, allowing applications to run smoothly and responsively.
Support for complex SQL statements
Queries that involve thousands of dimensions can be performed. Dozens of tables and thousands of rows can be joined for a query.