AnalyticDB for MySQL in combination with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Apsara PolarDB provides a precision marketing solution for Keruyun to manage issues such as slow resource scheduling, ill-defined customer groups, and system exceptions caused by increasing business volumes and enhance Keruyun commercial value.


Affiliated to Shi Shi Tong Yun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Keruyun provides ordering and cashier services for restaurants and operations services for catering merchants. Keruyun has taken the lead in catering and ordering management in China. As its business has grown, Keruyun has encountered the following challenges:

  • Merchants can check the status of operations only after a day, leading to latency in resource allocation. The efficiency of resource allocation must be improved.
  • Merchants hope that Keruyun can provide more precise customer profiles, such as age-based customer groups, consumption habits, and consumption levels to distinguish target customer groups. This way, they can offer packages and discounts to different types of customers such as couple packages, economy packages, and full discount coupons.
  • During holidays such as New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and Double Seven Festival and order peak hours, business volumes can sour up to four times higher than usual, leading to orders and checkouts to slow down or even fail.


To tackle the preceding challenges, Alibaba Cloud has developed the following solution for Keruyun.


  • The original Keruyun system uses Hive, HBase, Kylin, and TiDB to separately analyze business data. Currently, AnalyticDB for MySQL is used for unified data analysis. This ensures that analysis reports are generated in real time. For more information, see What is AnalyticDB for MySQL?
  • Business data is synchronized to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time. Operations reports of merchants are updated every five minutes.
  • A customer tag system is built through AnalyticDB for MySQL to help develop customer profile analysis business.
  • 23 core databases are transferred to Apsara PolarDB. Hundreds of times of resources can be scaled out during business peak hours. For more information, see Overview of Apsara PolarDB.


The precision marketing solution developed based on Alibaba Cloud provides the following benefits for Keruyun:

  • Support added for report service

    Launches a VIP package for merchant reports. Reports are updated hourly. This package will increase income for Keruyun by millions of dollars.

  • Support added for customer profiles

    Adds a precision marketing service based on customer profiles. Monthly sales are expected to reach USD 4.62 million after this service is released.

  • Support added for business peak hours
  • For example, on Double Seven Festival in 2019, individual orders could be placed on average within two seconds even though the total number of orders had increased by 50% compared to the previous year. No latency or failures occurred during ordering and at checkout.