Alibaba Cloud uses a variety of ApsaraDB services to develop an aggregate payment solution for Wuhan Lichu Business Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lichu Saobei) with consideration for the following aspects: business scalability, data liquidity, and high service availability. This solution can manage issues such as insufficient data storage space, reduced read and write performance, and lack of big data analysis during business expansion.


Lichu Saobei provides service for 700,000 merchants across more than 400 prefecture-level cities in China. The number of daily transactions can reach as high as 12 million and the annual transaction amount up to USD 31.4 billion. Lichu Saobei has successfully provided an aggregate payment solution for hundreds of industries. As its business has grown, Lichu Saobei has encountered the following challenges:

  • Storage space

    Over the past three months, Lichu Saobei has stored over 2 TB of data. The storage space of individual ApsaraDB for RDS instances is not sufficient to meet the requirements of expanding business.

  • High concurrency

    As the number of merchants and daily transaction volumes grow, the read and write performance of databases decreases significantly.

  • Analysis requirements

    As the amount of data increases, the amount of data queried increases exponentially. Individual MySQL databases are not sufficient to meet the requirements for analysis and queries of large amounts of data.


Alibaba Cloud has developed the following solution for Lichu Saobei through a combination of ApsaraDB services.


  • Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) is used to cope with the storage quota for orders and high concurrency during peak hours through horizontal partitioning. DRDS is highly compatible with the MySQL syntax. This helps upgrade original individual database structure to the current distributed architecture.
  • Apsara PolarDB is used to archive data to meet high requirements for data storage. Apsara PolarDB separates compute resources from storage resources and is fully compatible with MySQL. This ensures that original business can run with no changes required. For more information, see Overview of Apsara PolarDB.
  • ApsaraDB for Redis is used to cache data and improve the read efficiency through cache. Read databases in ApsaraDB for RDS read-only instances are used for automatic load balancing. For more information, see What is ApsaraDB for Redis?
  • AnalyticDB for MySQL is used to perform immediate queries of large amounts of data. This can meet the requirements for real-time operations and enable fast precision marketing. For more information, see What is AnalyticDB for MySQL?


  • Linear scalability

    Manages issues of high concurrency, storage capacity scalability, and online computing scalability based on the caching feature of ApsaraDB for Redis and the horizontal or vertical partitioning feature of DRDS, enabling the system to store 100 TB of data and support 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) and millions of queries per second (QPS). This allows Lichu Saobei to handle up to ten times the current business volume and tackles challenges of database storage and high concurrency due to rapid business growth, ensuring that every end user can enjoy a smooth payment experience during business expansion.

  • Data liquidity

    Uses Data Transmission Service (DTS) to synchronize data in real time, allowing user data to flow in real time. The big data processing capabilities of Apsara PolarDB and AnalyticDB for MySQL reduce the duration required to generate decision reports from minutes to seconds. Most reports are generated within ten seconds. Some complex reports can take up to a minute to generate. Business behaviors are smoothly integrated with business decisions. Decision makers can use data in reports to make business decisions and create business value based on data computing.

  • Provides 24/7 high availability service.

    Provides multiple features such as flexible specification upgrade or downgrade, online resizing, SQL audit, and read-only instances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alibaba Cloud provides security and stability required in the finance industry.