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Alibaba Mail:How to Configure the SPF Record of The Domain Name to Avoid Bounce-backs

Last Updated:Apr 08, 2024

Email systems such as Gmail strictly verify the SPF resolution of domain names. If you improve the SPF resolution of your email domain name through the following four steps, the mail will not be returned.


1. Logon to the Alibaba Cloud DNS Console.

If the domain name is not purchased from Alibaba Cloud, the following screenshot may not apply. Please send this document to your domain service provider for help.

2. Add the SPF record

a. Select your email domain from the list and lick DNS Settings.


b. On the DNS Settings page, click Add DNS Record, and then click OK.


Type: TXT

Host record: @

Record value: v=spf1 -all

Please note that spaces in the middle of the record value cannot be ignored

3. Delete other SPF records

Different SPF record will conflict. Only one SPF record can be retained. If no other SPF record exist, ignore this step.

Delete other SPF records whose host record is @ and whose record value starts with v=spf.



4. Wait for the SPF record to take effect globally

Wait patiently for the SPF record to take effect globally (up to 48 hours) before testing, you can avoid being returned by Gmail.


If you already have an SPF record with the value of v=spf1 -all, then the record value in step 2 should be changed to v=spf1 -all. If not, please ignore this note.